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If you are looking for driving instructor training in Preston then the very best way is to get good honest reviews and testimonials from local ADI's in your area that they have trained.

Please be very careful of any trainer who either 'will not' or maybe 'cannot' give you any honest testimonials of any ADI that they have trained with genuine names and contact numbers.



Preston Driving School Ltd


Mob: 07412180432

Well what can I say and where do I start?

Hey now this is my chance to get my own back!!!

Ok I'll be serious.

I had actually known Iain for many years before I decided to call him to start my training to become a driving instructor. After a lot of very hard work I qualified as an ADI and I've enjoyed a fantastic career ever since conducting both manual and automatic driving lessons at Preston Driving School Ltd.

Some years after I qualified we both had a chat about expanding Preston Driving School into other areas throughout Lancashire. We decided to form a branch to the school and call it Students Driving School of which I am now an ADI Trainer and also a joint owner of both driving schools with Iain.

If you are considering being an ADI then just him a call and he will help you.

Kate Johnston

Driving Examiner

Preston Driving Test Centre

Hi I'm Kate Johnston and I was trained by Iain to become a driving instructor quite a few years ago. My cousin Dave Hodgson was also trained by Iain and also works for him now. I would just like to say that Iain has always helped me throughout my career and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Although I very much enjoyed being an ADI I actually decided to become a Driving Examiner and I now work as a driving examiner at Preston Driving Test Centre.

Dave Roslyn

Preston Driving Instructor

Mob: 07850 260969

I was trained to be a driving instructor by Iain back in 1993. Being an ex copper I think I'm pretty good at assessing people usually within 5 minutes of meeting them. With this guy it took me less than a minute to realise he knew this business inside out and also that he's fantastic trainer. When he's in role acting as a learner driver he can be very crafty with his faults and I fell for it a few times.

I had the best possible start in this industry and after all these years I'm proud to be still working with him and also call him a good friend.

Graydon Jacob from Preston

Mob: 07725 470905

Just want to say a massive thank you to Iain at Preston Driving School for turning me into an ADI driving instructor. His training was first class and he never stopped believing in me.

I really enjoyed the training and what a relief it was when the examiner said I had passed and became an ADI Just call me and I'll explain all about my experience with Iain and how he helped me

Matt Fazackerley

DVSA ADI Preston Driving School

Mob: 07429 690308

Hi, I'm Matt and in 2022 I got the idea of becoming a driving instructor. I contacted 'Preston Driving School' and Iain answered the phone and after talking to him for a few minutes I knew that I wanted to train with him and then 9 months later I became a fully qualified driving instructor and ended up working under Preston Driving School which is run by Iain and Shabana and between them they have both kept me mad busy ever since.

Brilliant trainers and driving school :)

Rachel Leech DVSA ADI

ADI at Preston Driving School

Mob: 07736 910734

Iain was recommended to me by many of the driving instructors in Preston and straight away I could see why - his knowledge and expertise are second to none. His training was extremely thorough, identifying my needs and weaknesses and rectifying them to enable me to become a confident ADI.

I absolutely love my job at Preston Driving School and I can't thank Iain enough for training me. Rachel

Howard Knight from Preston

Mob: 07565 359202

I'm really pleased to have this opportunity to thank Iain for training me to become a driving instructor. Iain supported me all the way through my training which was also a lot of laughs when he acted as 'Tom the Dodgy Learner' I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of becoming an instructor.

Steven Clegg


Mob: 07553 171041

Hi my name is Steven and I am proud to be a part of the Students Driving School (a branch Preston Driving School) team. I began my training with a national driving school franchise company, but after completing parts 1 & 2, I switched to Preston Driving School to complete my training and preparations for the third and final test to become an ADI, which I’m pleased to say I passed first time. I found Iain’s training style and methods to be first class.

Professional, helpful, supportive and flexible with his training, Iain guided me every step of the way, and since passing the part 3 test, both Iain and his business partner Shabana have always been available to offer help and support whenever I’ve needed it. I have found the job itself to be really rewarding. Having helped over 30 new drivers to pass their driving tests in my first 2 years, there is always a good and positive feeling of job satisfaction in this business. I’m really pleased that I was given the opportunity to join Iain and Shabana as a part of the team at their two driving schools at Preston Driving School and Students Driving School, and I hope to be here for many years to come !

Damiano DVSA ADI

Preston Driving Instructor

Mob: 07837 526209

Hello 'Ciao'

As you can probably tell by my name I was born in Italy and when I was growing up there I would never have believed that so many years later I would be a driving instructor in Preston.. that is until I met Iain who on our very first training session he told me he would turn me into (his words) 'an absolutely brilliant driving instructor' So I started my ADI training and I passed all 3 ADI exams very easily and now I teach under Preston Driving School. I would also like to thank the fantastic Shabana for all her help and advice and keeping me so busy with learners. Two brilliant owners running an excellent driving school in Preston :)


Gareth Hollinghurst DVSA ADI

Mob: 07736832129

I’d worked in education for many years and had decided that it was time for a change of career to become a driving instructor. Having done a little research, the same name kept coming up - Iain Smith. Once I’d got in touch with Iain, the process of starting training as a PDI began.

The training was relaxed, enjoyable, informative and, of course, challenging. Iain’s many years of experience ensured that I was always on the right track, felt supported and all my questions were answered.

After just a few months, I was ready to undertake my ADI part 3 assessment and passed first time! I couldn’t recommend the support and training from Iain enough. If you’re after a career change then he’s your man!

Emma and James

Driving instructors in Preston

Hi I'm Emma and I decided to train to be a driving instructor in 2017 whist on maternity leave. I called a few driving schools about it but when I spoke to Iain I knew that I wanted to be trained by him because he was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the industry.

He helped me with every part of the process in becoming an approved driving instructor and I'm so grateful to him for this opportunity and to be still working with him, Iain still continues to support and guide me whenever I need it. In 2020 my husband James also decided he wanted to join Preston Driving School and also started his training with Iain. James really enjoyed his training, lessons were sometimes intense but very enjoyable.

Both James and myself have never looked back and we can't thank Iain enough for all his guidance and support over the years.


ADI with Preston Driving School

Mob: 07922 761090

Hi everyone I'm Vass and I am a fully qualified driving instructor ADI in Preston WOW it sounds so good everytime I say that :) I was trained by Iain at Preston Driving School and all I can say is that he has changed my life and I am so glad I called him for training. I now have this fantastic career in front of me and I love every minute of it. I would also like to thank both Iain and also Shabana for all the help and advice you have both given me.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending anyone who wants to change their careers like I have done. Thanks again

Phil Birchall Driving School

Mob: 07837 011060

I did my ADI training With Iain 2 years ago. Iain was very professional and very supportive throughout the whole training process. His knowledge and his communication skills gave me the confidence to move into a new career that has completely changed my life. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Shabana for all her help and advice she gave me throughout my training. I'm proud to be friends of you both, you're a great team


Asma from Blackburn

Mob: 07894 658259

Hey Iain thank you so much for training me to become an approved driving instructor, it must not have been easy :) Also like to thank you in giving me the opportunity in working with you and Shabana at Students Driving School in Blackburn

Dave Mason

Students Driving School

Mob: 07876133052

I want to say a few words about my trainer Iain...He has helped me through all my ADI exams but he has also supported me through a very difficult time. He never lost faith in me and I am so pleased to be able to repay him by being a member of his team of instructors in Blackpool. One of my best friends Michael Holroyd learnt to be an instructor over 10 years ago with him and it was this friend who told me to call him for training.

I'm so pleased I took his advice...Thanks again Iain you've helped me with a new career. If anyone would like to call me for a chat I'll be pleased to give them my advice.



Thanks Iain for training me to be an instructor, I enjoyed the training especially the role play. I don't know how you can keep your face straight when you're playing Tom the learner!!!

Russell Chamberlain

Link Driving School Preston

Mob: 07714 594 337

Hi my name is Russell Chamberlain and I trained with Iain and became a driving instructor back in 2000. I'm really pleased I chose Iain to train me and I know that if I ever need any help all I need to do is call him. If anyone would like to call me personally they can do so and I'll explain my experience.Thanks for all your help Iain.

Mike Lyth

Mob: 07939 131504

Hi I'm Mike and being an Evertonian I was quite concerned about training with Iain when I suddenly found out he's a life long Liverpool supporter, and believe me he never let me forget it!!! but seriously he was fantastic and guided me through all the exams. Thanks again Iain

Paul Wilson

Mob: 07972 875913

Hi everyone I'm Paul Wilson and I run PLG Driver Training at Walton Le Dale. I thoroughly researched loads of instructor trainers before choosing Iain at Preston Driving School Ltd. Iain was brilliant with me, his training was well structured and thorough which is exactly what I was looking for.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone wishing to train to be an instructor. Thanks again Iain.


Hi Iain I'm only too pleased to be able to write this testimonial. As you know I came to you from another local company who I wasn't 100% happy with, however you took over and got me through my exams. I would really like to say a very big thank you for not only helping me to qualify but also allowing me to work under 'Students' I couldn't be more happier, thanks again. Trish

Geoff Moyle


Mob: 07816 892739

Just want to say 'This guy changed my life'!!! I first met Iain when we were both younger and better looking, I was in a dead end job fitting kitchens and always finding myself working under kitchen sinks. Anyway I decided I'd like to be a driving instructor and I called Iain at Preston Driving School, within no time he had me out there training and also fitting his new kitchen units. I found the training very tough but also very enjoyable.

I've been with him ever since qualifying working under his school names of Expressway as an Ordit registered instructor trainer, Preston Driving School and now Students Driving School, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who wants to be an instructor, just give me a call, but be very careful he doesn't have you fixing his roof!!!!!

Ken Howarth

Burnley Driving School

Mob: 07826 375904

Thanks Iain for all your help in getting me through the part 3 examination and becoming a qualified driving instructor. This has been one of my best years so far, not only becoming an instructor but also my beloved football team Burnley getting into the Premier League, but seriously Iain I am so pleased to be able to put this testimonial onto the website and I can honestly say to anyone and everyone that if they want to be a driving instructor they need to contact you.

As you know I approached another company before you and although I got through my Part 2 with them I did feel that I spent an awful lot of money doing so, I then got a shock as to how much they wanted from me to get me through the part 3, so I ditched them and came to you, I spent only a fraction of the cost with you and very easily passed 1st time getting a high grade on each of the two phases. I've just started my new school called Burnley Driving School and I now have a steady stream of people calling me for lessons.

If anyone rings me for instructor training I will direct them to you via a link from my websites home page. Thanks again, Ken Howarth

Karen Davis

Mob: 07738 218000

I am pleased to have this opportunity to publicly thank my trainer Iain from Preston Driving Instructor Training Centre. I knew I had made the right choice as soon as I had my free ADI assessment with him. I really enjoyed all of my lessons and in my opinion the ADI training that I received was second to none.

I passed all 3 instructor exams 1st time without any problems whatsoever. As an ADI I now run my own driving school called Wyre Driving School and recently I took some extra training with Iain to help me prepare for the dreaded Standards Check, don't know what I was worried about I sailed through it getting a high grade from the examiner, thanks again, Karen

Sharon Marley DVSA ADI from Freckleton

Mob: 07842 694625

I felt so proud the day I qualified as an ADI and it was all down to my trainer Iain Smith at Preston Driving School What a fantastic trainer.. and I was quite good too.

Peter Alty

Steadypass School of Motoring

I would just like to thank you Iain for the training you gave me. I called you an expert quite a few times and I believe you are. It's very hard work training to be an instructor but Iain will get you there if you take your time to study and train hard. I passed with a Grade 'A' on my FIRST ATTEMPT and I've now started my own driving school in Skelmersdale and the future is looking good. Training with Iain was a great experience and I highly recommend him as a trainer.. And I do actually miss going to my lessons with him :) Thanks again. Peter Alty


Mob: 07774 346751

Thanks Iain I enjoyed all my training with you and I learnt such a lot about this job and now I'm an internet sensation :) Take care. Abdullah

Dave Jackson

Jackson Driver Training

I took your advice regarding standing out in the crowd and trimmed up my car. I now have lots of work, the phone never stops ringing. I also do HGV tuition and trailer towing. Thanks Iain I am so glad that I chose you to train me. I'll always recommend you.

Mohammad Al-Omari DVSA ADI

Mob: 07445 381394

To pass the ADI Part 3 is something special, however to pass the ADI Part 3 without ever being a trainee or any previous experience in just one month!! THEN THAT IS A MIRACLE !!!!!

A massive big THANK YOU to Iain, it wouldn't have happened without the greatest Ordit trainer in Preston, that is you Iain. We will remember you for ever Iain, from Mohammad at Bolton Posted by Mohammad Al-omari from Bolton in May 2018

Here's A Few More

Pete Lakeland, Penwortham Driving School, 07974 116091

Pawel DVSA ADI at Lakes Driving School 07521316374

Naeem DVSA ADI in Accrington 07818 666401

Ann Gray Lyme Regis, Dorset Mob: 07703 182845

Steven Hargreaves. DVSA ADI in Morecambe 07515 483467

Chris Singleton, driving instructor in Fulwood 07957 784331

Riz Zinga, auto instructor in Preston, 07999555809

Andrew Heller, Andrews Driving School, 07989 963078

Dave Bateman, Blackpool Driving Instructor, 07960 493633

Paul Higson, Driving Passion, Preston, 07792 944568

Andy Simmons Approved Driving School 07900 255820

Phil Shannon, City Driving School 07980 892279

Tony Rawlinson, City Driving School 07962 227004

Abdul from Blackburn, PassFast Driving School

Pippa Nelson, driving instructor Blackpool

Helen Steele, Helens Driving School

Bilal, Bilals Driving School, Preston

Tahir, Black/Gold Driving School in Preston

John Faloon, Students Driving School

Ken Bargh, Lea in Preston (now retired)

Nick Lawrence, Yellow Box Driving School, Blackpool

Steve Sadd, Preston Driving School (now retired)

Michael Lee, Michael Lee School of Motoring, Kirkham (now retired)

Jon Turnbull, Jon's School of Motoring, Lancaster

David Garner, Dave's Driving School, Ingleton

Geoff Haddon, Arena School of Motoring

Andrew Pye, Pye School of Motoring, Preesal

Joanna Dobie, Highway School of Motoring

Robert Norbury, Southport

Andy Lakeland, ADI Lostock Hall

Paul Audsley, Go-4-It Driving School, Blackpool

Paul Wilson, Paul Wilson S.O.M.

Andy Kirkham, DriveTime School of Motoring

John Wight, WWW School of Motoring

Helen Russell, Imperial School of Motoring, Blackpool

John Black, Blacks S.O.M., Kendal

Neil Tiffin (Preston) Neil Brittleton (Chorley)

Paul Wilson. Lytham St Annes

Tony Elsdon. Leyland

Keith Davidson, Keiths Driving School

Michael Chester ADI City Driving School

Stephen Vaughan ADI

Steve Sherrington, Driving School, Blackpool

The following Ex ORDIT trainers were also trained by Iain at Preston Driving School Ltd

Austin Finley, Greenlight Driving School (1997)

Stewart Foster, North Western Driver Training (1999)

Adrian Smith, City Driving School (2003)

Kevin Beswick, Lancashire ADI (2002)

Geoff Moyle, Students Driving School (2002)

The following DVSA Driving Examiners from our local test centres were also trained by Iain

Kate Johnston
DVSA Driving Examiner, Preston Driving Test Centre

Christine Heald
DVSA Driving Examiner, Blackburn Driving Test Centre

Matt Cserba
DVSA Driving Examiner, Blackpool Driving Test Centre

Tony Aspinwall
ex DVSA Driving Examiner, Preston Driving Test Centre

Ian Cummins
ex DVSA Driving Examiner, Preston Driving Test Centre

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