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Your Future Career

After taking one of our driving instructor training courses in Preston and then successfully qualifying as an ADI we can usually offer you a placement as a self-employed driving instructor working directly under one of our three driving school schools at either Preston Driving School Ltd, Students Driving School or Quick-Pass Driver Training.

Our intention is to get you as busy as you want to be as quickly as possible. Unlike some other driving schools we do not operate as a franchise. All payments to us are on a commission only basis. We will discuss this with you in more detail at the time of your interview, but we promise you that our commission rates are one of the lowest rates you can find anywhere.

Training Materials

We will not only help you train to become a driving instructor. We can also help with advice and guidance regarding decisions that you may need to make in the day-to-day life as a driving instructor. These decisions can be very confusing to the newly qualified ADI who is often self-employed for the very first time.

We have many connections within both the driving school and driving instructor training industry and we promise to help every pupil with the following: We can help you with free loan of ADI training materials that you require when you train to become a driving instructor, these can include books, study material, audio voice recordings etc.

We can also help you with lesson plans and diagrams for you to use on your ADI Part 3 exam known as the instructional ability test.

Car Purchase

We can give you our advice regarding your decision as to which cars are ideal as driving school cars and more importantly which ones are definitely not. Have you ever noticed how certain driving school cars really stand out much more than others, we can help you get noticed?

Car Leasing

We have connections with a number of driving school car leasing companies. These companies can supply you with a brand new driving school vehicle that will come fitted with dual controls along with a full service/maintenance package and breakdown cover from a main dealer.

You can usually lease a car for one year without a deposit. There are certain tax advantages for self-employed driving instructors who lease their vehicles rather than them purchasing one.

Dual Controls

If you decide to purchase your own driving school vehicle we can give you advice on dual controls and where you can get them fitted professionally. Certain makes of car are more expensive to fit dual controls in than others, we can give you advice about this and also the possibility of where you can get good quality second hand controls at a greatly reduced price.

Driving Instructors Insurance

Driving instructors car insurance is essential. We can advise you as to which insurance to buy, which companies will give you better protection and benefits and also who may give you an automatic discount of 60% on your premium without having to transfer your no claims bonus from your existing policy.


Keeping up to date records is vital as a self-employed driving instructor but it need not be too complicated, we can give you advice about keeping proper records and simple day-to-day bookkeeping

Driving School Insurance

Most trades have associations, the driver training industry is no different, there are a number of trade associations, and we can supply you with the information about these.

Preparation for you 'Standard Checks'

DVSA Standard Checks are compulsory for all approved driving instructors who wish to remain on the ADI register. We offer training in the preparation of your 'Standard Check'

On going advice

The job of a driving instructor can at times be lonely and therefore we believe it is better to be part of a team. We promise all our clients both past and present to help them in anyway we can, after all we might need your help one day.


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