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Mr Iain Smith


Hi my name is Iain Smith and thanks for visiting my driving instructor training website. I've been a driving instructor for well over 30 years and I'm the ADI trainer at both Preston Driving Instructor Training Centre and also Blackpool (Residential) ADI Training Centre. Both of these are branches of Preston Driving School Ltd of which I am the company director. Normally if you live in the North West area your driving instructor training will be held locally at Preston Driving Instructor Training Centre, however if you live outside this area then I could arrange your driving instructor training in Blackpool at Blackpool (Residential) ADI Training Centre.

I've been specialising in driving instructor training for over 30 years and I’ve helped many hundreds of people to be a driving instructors. In my career as a driving instructor I have had six Check Tests (now known as Standard Checks) all of which I received the highest grading in every category on every test. I was also on the ORDIT register between 2003 and 2014 where I underwent six bi-annual inspections of my ADI training. My inspections in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 were all graded as Grade 6 in every category. However in 2014 due to the DVSA being very unclear as to the future existence of ORDIT I made a decision not to continue and resigned as a member. Since then the DVSA have thankfully finalised their future plans and therefore in 2017 I decided to return to Ordit, my inspection in 2017 was again recorded at the highest level.

My driving instructor training courses are conducted on a ‘pay as you learn’ basis, they can be arranged as either full or part time which is ideal if you wish to organise your training around your current job. My advice to you would be for you to be very careful when choosing an ADI trainer because unfortunately the standards of driving instructor training can vary widely within the instructor training industry. My learner driving instructors operate under the school names of Preston Driving School, Students Driving School and Quick-Pass, all of which are branches of Preston Driving School Ltd.

Have a look through the rest of this website and if I can be of any further assistance then don't hesitate to contact me.


Iain Smith
Company Director

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