Iain Smith
ADI Trainer

Our driving instructor trainer in Preston is called Iain Smith, he has been a driving instructor for over 38 years and he is the ADI trainer at both Preston Driving School Ltd and also Students Driving School

Iain has been conducting driving instructor training courses in Preston for over 38 years and he has trained many hundreds of people to become driving instructors.

In his career he has undergone a total of seven Check Tests which are now known as Standard Checks all of which he received the highest possible grading in every category on every single test.

He is also on the DVSA ORDIT register which he has been on since 2003. Being on the ORDIT register entails that a trainer gets inspected regularly by an ORDIT Examiner, these inspections are extremely thorough and designed to assess many skills of a trainer.

The ORDIT inspections also act as a protection for the public from any unqualified people doing instructor training.

Since 2003 Iain has been inspected eight times by the ORDIT Examiners and once again he received the highest possible marks in every category on every inspection.  

Iain is on the Ordit Register and 'Find My Instructor' at postcode FY8 4AA on Gov.uk 

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